World Missions


Impact Guatemala

Mayan Families

  • Christ Church has partnered with Mayan Families whose goal is to provide opportunities and assistance to the indigenous and impoverished people of Guatemala through education and community development programs.
  • Mayan Families operate on the principle that all people should have access to the basic necessities of life. We strive to accomplish our goals through working democratically with the communities we serve.
  • Christ Church's provides both financial support and sends missions teams to the region to help support the efforts there in Guatemala.



Goshorn Family Missionaries

  • Christ Church financially supports the Goshorn family, who are missionaries in Peru, through the Missionary Society in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The Goshorn family has been in Peru over three months. They are learning their way around the area and learning the culture. Jennifer and Tim are taking tutoring classes to improve their Spanish. Their main purpose in their first year in Peru is to learn and to share Christ at the same time. They have had meetings with an orphanage and another church about doing some activities in the evenings. The following is an excerpt from their latest Newsletter

    Gorshorn Family

    “We were invited to a small house church in our neighborhood, which was great! “We felt so very welcomed. They made sure we didn’t leave hungry, even though we didn’t want to eat. They cooked everything on a dirt floor and we were worried we’d get sick, but we ate and the next day we all felt fine. We were also invited to a Pachamanca. This is a huge picnic where they dig a pit in the ground, build an igloo of rocks over the pit, and build a fire inside it. After about 2 hours, the rocks become very, very hot. They then take off the top of the igloo and start filling it with potatoes with a layer of hot rocks, then more vegetables and more hot rocks. On top of those rocks then come all kinds of meat, then more rocks. After all the food is in they cover everything with green growth from around the field, then a tarp and then it all gets a heavy layer of dirt to help insulate it. One hour later we uncovered everything and ate. It was very good!

  • *Note: Christ Church Missions Committee made a commitment to support this family several years ago after Tim and his wife and sons spoke during our Sunday morning worship services. Our commitment has been paid in full. The Goshorn family, consisting of parents, Tim and Jennifer, sons, Daniel and Matthew, and daughter, Katherine, have answered God’s call to be missionaries in Peru. This family originally from Alexandria, Kentucky, gave up all their belongings and sold their home in Kentucky, which had been in Tim’s family since the 1800’s and was the only home their three children had known to answer God’s call.


Love Packages

  • Love Packages located in Butler, Illinois is a Christian mission which distributes religious material to third world nations.
  • Literature can be used, outdated, etc. In other words, it may be excess literature from Sunday school classes, Bible study groups or individuals may have.
  • Our church periodically collects religious material for Love Packages.



  • Annually, Christ Church sends a missions team to serve at McKenna Farms Therapy Services.
  • McKenna Farms Therapy Services is a non-profit organization that provides therapy services to individuals with special needs in Northwest Georgia. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the children and families that they serve as well as being a resource for the local community.