Local Missions



  • Christ Church feeds and houses the homeless for 2 weeks every winter as part of the Middletown area SHALOM program.
  • SHALOM is a network of local churches of various denominations that "share their bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into their houses" (Isaiah 58: 7).
  • Each week on a rotating basis, a church in the network provides meals and shelter within their church facilities.
  • A van has been purchased by SHALOM to transport those in need of shelter from a central location to the host church.
  • Guests have an opportunity to shower before dinner, and to relax after dinner in a safe warm environment.


  • Christ Church has partnered with Wesley Community Services by providing space to operate their “Meals on Wheels” program in Butler County and beyond.
  • They will have an office in the lower level of the building.




  • The Salvation Army Food Pantry is an Emergency Food Pantry, which means they accept clients who are in dire need of food for their family on an emergency basis. It serves over 400 families monthly in the Middletown area. Our church supports the Salvation Army through its monthly collection of food/hygiene/cleaning items through our “Feed My Sheep” mission.
  • Our church’s average monthly collection is 300 pounds. Our record collection was 505 pounds in August 2012.
  • Our church provides Christmas baskets for 10-15 families; and Sunday school classes, choir, United Methodist Women and individual families provide Christmas presents for these families through the Salvation Army’s “Adopt A Family” program. The Christmas baskets (food/hygiene/cleaning items) along with the Christmas presents personally are delivered to each family.
  • Feed My Sheep grocery bags are distributed the fourth Sunday of each month for a return date to the church of the first Sunday of each month. These bags contain a list of suggested items for the Salvation Army Food Pantry.



Red Bird Mission

  • Red Bird Mission is a non-profit organization that offers many services to people in Bell, Clay, and Leslie counties in southeast Kentucky. Their services include a Christian school (we collect Labels for Education and Box Tops,) a clinic, work camps, a senior citizens center, and much more. Red Bird Mission has been providing ministries in this region of the Appalachian Mountains since 1921. Our church‘s focus mainly has been on the Red Bird School through our collection of Labels for Education and Box Tops. Collection envelopes are located on the Missions Board.
  • Our church submitted 7300 points, (labels/box tops) which converts to $730.00 for 2013. For January 2014, our church submitted 2,546 points ($254.60.)
  • Our church collects one annual Loose Change Offering for Red Bird Mission.
  • Red Bird Mission is a part of Global Ministries of the United Methodist church.



  • Christ Church has partnered with the City Gospel Mission to provide space and tutors for their tutoring/mentoring for at risk elementary students.
  • Tutoring has the power to boost at-risk children’s academic scores, create strong readers and improve confidence.
  • Our volunteers become so much more than tutors. They become mentors, friends and positive role models that change the lives of children beyond the classroom.